The Law of Attraction And The Paradox
(by Susan James)

For the sake of this writing, here’s the definition as used:
(Paradox) contrary to accepted opinion. Incongruent in
agreement; inharmonious.

Anyone that studies Universal Law/Consciousness finds
The Study of The Law of Attraction, and how it works,
very exciting and appealing. It gives us promise.

However, contained within the promise, is the
application of the study. Not everyone who reads
LOA concepts, applies it.

This writing is for those of us who do, sincerely in our
hearts study and apply what we understand currently of
The Law of Attraction, and still haven’t manifested the
lives that we really want and desire.

Here’s how it really IS:
Phase I: If we study and apply the understandings of The
Law of Attraction, we can create whatever we want.
Phase II: Not Exactly

Most all writings and teachings of the LOA say within the
writings that:

1. There is no slate or chalkboard of our lives written on
it. We can create whatever we desire.
We can have what we want, if we believe that we can
have what we want.
3. As we believe, the LOA attracts to us what we want.
4. Change our beliefs, we change our lives, per the LOA
in action.
( THIS is where
the study stops and creates The Gap.)

THEN we are given many ways and means to help us
change our beliefs.

Changing our beliefs simply means we expand beyond
what we currently believe, so that we allow for more of
what we want to flow to us.

I’ve built the first part of my writing livelihood on just
those basics.

And they DO work, and they DO work, well. Many of us,
can and do stop at this point and do very well for
ourselves………..BUT…What if we seem to want MORE?

The Paradox is that WE are in control, when we really are
The study of the LOA, says, we can change and
control our lives by studying and applying the LOA. Yes.
We can. But ONLY up to a point. There in lies The

Here’s the problem. (I use the word problem as

Up to this point, most of us have been applying the
understandings of the study of the LOA, with our rational
mind. Meaning our humanness is involved all along the
way. Our humaneness convinces us that if we study and
apply the LOA to our lives, then we can create whatever
we want. Our humanness tells us that we are doing well,
and expanding our spiritual selves as we study and apply
the LOA. We get an A+ for doing and being this, in our

Why does our humaneness tell us this? Because we attract
through the examples and the stories of seeing it work in
the lives of others. Therefore it has to, by law, work for us
as well. Right? And, as we apply it sincerely to our own
lives we see for ourselves many times how it does in fact
and truth work.

However, we keep missing something. We cant seem to
really get what we really, really want. Why is that?

The Eastern Religion will tell us, its Because that studying
the LOA, makes us look out for only number 1, and that’s
not what we should be doing. Therefore, that’s why we
really don’t get what we want. The Eastern Religion, says,
we must suffer. Buddha had to suffer to be enlightened.
Therefore we too must suffer.

Western Mainstream religions will try to convince us that
the study of universal law, metaphysics is not what God
wants, and falls into the cult category. We are sinners.
Therefore, of course we cant get what we really want. Its
not of God.

Gee, what’s a little soul to do?

What are we to do and be, if we sincerely in our hearts
and minds want to expand our lives from both the
spiritual and physical level? Is IT even, really, possible?


Susan James (Copyright )

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